• May 15th, 2020
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There is nothing like eating a well-balanced diet and exercising on a regular basis to keep good health. What we eat may effect our body pH levels. Our body cells need a pH level close to 7 fo...
  • June 4th, 2020
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Kiwi is a fruit that’s worth discovering. Kiwi is relatively low in calories (42 calories each) and an excellent source of fibre. It’s also great for dropping extra belly fat without re...

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  • May 6th, 2020
Commercially prepared fruit leathers are made with processed sweeteners and fats and not so good for kids health. In this recipe you can control sweet content as you like.You can also involve your

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  • May 20th, 2020
Cut the fish into four equal pieces and rub with lemon juice, salt, and pepper and set aside for 10 minutes. Beat two eggs in a deep bowl. Grind the tortilla chips to gra

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Healthy Care Colostrum 400mg helps to improve general wellbeing and immune system.It is rich of immunoglobulins that help to boost immune system.  these Tabletes are only for adults and children age above 12 years. Boxed Contents: 200 Chewable Tablets Products containing bovine colostrum pow...
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Healthy Care Colostrum Milk Powder is a Colostrum drink suitable for mixing into water or milk. It contains skim milk powder, colostrum powder (8%), lactose, natural flavour. It also contains IgG antibodies. Healthy Care claims that thay source it from healthy pasture-fed dairy cows. Serving per bottle approx. 100g Servi...
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Patak's New Tandoori Oven Bake is a quick & easy marinade . You can cook chicken in hot oven, using this marinate. It is frequently used in restaurants and at home indian cuisines all over the world. It is made with fragrant ginger, cardamom and chilli- perfect for a mouthwatering Tandoori dish at home. ...
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New study finds calcium-supplement is linked with cancer

Excess intake of calcium was associated with a higher risk of dying from cancer
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According to a survey conducted by the US Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), 75 percent of U.S. individuals take dietary supplements. This data reveal...