We are own a mission to bring awareness about healthy lifestyle

According to a report on the state of the world’s health, almost 20% of deaths worldwide are attributable to an unhealthy diet, with high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes now account for nearly three-quarters of the deaths worldwide.

A lot of these problems are potentially preventable. Data from respectable sources reveal that our behaviour is our biggest threat to staying alive, with poor diet the greatest risk factor. Indeed, a bad diet was behind more than 19% of all deaths worldwide in 2017, and almost 70% of coronary heart disease deaths. It is a global phenomenon. It is a wake-up call. Our answer to this call is loftyfoods.com. We are own a mission to bring awareness about healthy lifestyle.

Healthy lifestyle is not a choice it is a necessity. A massive awareness campaign is needed on a global scale. Any one can contribute to this campaign by writing, communicating and sharing healthy life style messages to others.

Small messages like this are a good start;

We are free to change our diet and our life style but statistics show we are very likely to eat what we ate when we were younger and what the people around us eat – healthy life style starts in the childhood.


Progress in human health is fragile, as are the world’s healthcare systems- Policymakers as well as individuals needed to take action: Neither individual nor governments should take the health of the population for granted.

Loftyfoods.com wants to reach billions of people to help them adopt healthy life style. We are committed to providing our audience with trusted, real-world, evidence-based health information. We believe every one of us deserves equal access to quality information and measured explanation. It is a humble start with never ending mission. We need our readers support to spread this knowledge. We are looking for human bees that can pollinate whole world with healthy life style.

We will keep updating this page as we progress towards achieving our mission.