What Are The Health Benefits Of Colostrum

There are many benefits of bovine colostrum backed by various research studies.

Help Reduce body inflammation response

Bovine colostrum contains lactoferrin which helps reduce body inflammation through various bio mechanisms. According to various research studies, lactoferrin has the ability to bind to endotoxins  to reduce inflammation due to high activity of endotoxins.

Improves ligament and muscle health.

Bovine colostrum is linked to boost muscle growth and healing due to the fact it contains growth factors, including insulin like growth-factor-l (IGF-I) . Studies show that bovine colostrum supplementation can reduce  oxidative stress to support athletes overall healthAdditional studies also showed that 8 weeks of bovine colostrum supplements increased lean muscle mass and athletic performance.

Help boost body immunity

The immune boosting effects of bovine colostrum are mostly due to its high concentration of the antibodies IgA and IgG. Many studies shows that colostrum supplements may be particularly effective in boosting immunity. In a research study researchers gave oral lactoferrin to mice with suppressed immune systems due to chemotherapy and autoimmune conditions. They found that their immune systems were strengthened as well as their symptoms and overall state of their autoimmune condition.


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